Interesting fact I heard this weekend:

Kangaroos and emus cannot move backwards. Only forward.


Change evokes a certain ping of discomfort for me. Being a sensitive individual, I’ve learned to selectively curate most things in my life. I’ve eliminated foods that don’t jive with my body. I’ve narrowed obligations to ones that support my big picture goals. I’ve only picked goals that I really want to achieve. I buy the same brands at the grocery store. I like to visit the same places I love. I attend the same weekly yoga classes with my favorite instructor. I find peace in familiarity and predicability.

I can also hate predictability when it becomes stagnation. I want change in some areas but don’t want it in others.

Moving forward will inevitably require change. I’m getting better with managing by learning to cultivate habits that create comfort instead of resting on the unsteady ground of circumstances.

Here are some of the habits I’ve cultivated that help me stay grounded when the wind rages and change is inevitable:

Gratitude practice

3 C’s of Balance

Meditation/quiet time

Food prep/ recipes

Exercise/ Getting outside

Mindfulness of my needs

Over the next few days I’ll dive into each one, detailing what it looks like, why I’ve made it a priority, and how it’s impacted my life. Perhaps this will allow us to move forward into change with freedom and love.


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